Wolf Run Slots Will Have You Howling With Delight!

We all love the fun of playing slots don't we. It's like one of those things you learn to love from an early age in the UK. When I was a kid, well before it was fashionable to travel overseas, families would gather the kids up and head for resorts like Blackpool and Southend for their 2 week holiday. The U.K. Weather is not always guaranteed, so any resort with amusement arcades would have the kids jumping up & down with "please dad can I have a go on this", and "can I have a go on that". Dad of course would duly comply, not to be considered an old grump, and dig into his pocket for what was left of the fast vanishing holiday money, anything for a quiet life. After all it was his holiday too, allegedly.

The slot machines as a kid on holiday is not something you easily forget. It is hardly surprising that in this modern era of actually being able to play such games on your home computer or laptop, any opportunity to relive those joyous moments of a child is going to be eagerly seized, and let's face it, the games are so amazing now compared to the 60's (wish I could say the same for some of the music, oops there I go again!)

A great slots game for those that indulge is Wolf Run Slots, this is a game that unfortunately if you are from Australia, France, Germany or even the U.S.A. you are not allowed to play. Anyhow if your country has not been mentioned, this is a game you'll really want to dig your teeth into.

Having been a huge hit in Vegas casinos, Wolf Run Slots can now be played at casinos around the globe. This forty payline, five reel game shows four images on each reel. It is stacked with payouts and howling wolf wilds which take the place of any symbol you need for a payout along with free spins and a near 95% payout. All you need to play is flash on your computer, and you're off and running, no download necessary. This one really puts a spin on thrown to the wolves, so much so you'll feel like a kid all over again, yippee!