There's a Big Contrast Between Slots From These Two Companies

In the online slots world, different software companies have much different stylistic approaches to developing and producing games. It's really interesting how you can often look at a game without knowing what it is and correctly guess which company produced it a majority of the time just based on telling features and aspects of the game itself. If you look at the games produced by Realtime Gaming and the ones produced by International Game Technology, then you can see some really good examples of the type of stylistic differences we're talking about here.

For example, you can look at IGT's focus on games for land-based establishments and see that a lot of the ideas carried over into their online offerings. For example, a whole lot of their games are based on a Vegas theme, and several of them are based on the same types of brands that you would expect to see in live games like Ghostbusters, Monopoly and Star Trek. As you can see, these are mostly big brands that would need licensing fees and things like that.

On the other hand, games produced by Realtime Gaming tend to be based on themes and concepts that are either archetypical or that they have developed themselves so that they have control over their own brands. This allows a larger degree of freedom in the games that they produce. On the other hand, they also have games that are more obviously built from the expectations of Internet players instead of land-based players, and that's why you see so many titles with small and medium progressive jackpots, free spins bonus rounds and other features that are typical of online games.

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